DESIGN: Cultivate Cinema Circle

Born from a partnership with my Buffalo movie critic colleague Jordan M. Smith comes Cultivate Cinema Circle, a local screening series helping to “foster a healthy, fervent film culture in the Buffalo area.”

After many discussions about the name and goals, I started to play with the word cultivate until the idea of harvesting radishes and the like from the ground materialized. From that initial thought came the decision to make a film reel into a vegetable plucked from the soil that can be shared with the world. And like a twirled ribbon on a birthday present, a strip of film proved perfectly suited to transforming into the reel’s leafy stalk.

CCC opens on June 4th, 2015 at the North Park Theatre and will unfold there and the downtown Central Library‘s Mason O. Damon Auditorium (with guest venues planned) for bi-monthly screenings of contemporary gems that haven’t yet made it to the Buffalo big screen as well as domestic and international classics from yesteryear.

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