LETTERPRESS: FC Buffalo 5th Season Commemorative Schedule

FC Buffalo 5th Season Commemorative Schedule:
Edition of 200 (hand-numbered)
Handprinted on a Kelsey Excelsior 5×8 Table Letterpress

As a way to commemorate FC Buffalo‘s 5th anniversary (and to give myself a project to practice using my letterpress), the idea to create a limited edition schedule was born. Initially designed as a more generic, geometric piece, team president Nick Mendola shared the ownership’s idea about somehow using a play on “Three Wolf Moon” as a way to transition fans from “Blitzers” to the more apt “Wolves”. The idea lent itself to the schedule nicely and the final design was completed.

A select number will be given away by sponsors The Black Market Food Truck and Més Que with the remainder (if any) to be handed out at the home opener (Sunday, May 18, 2014) while supplies last.

Press Process:

Learned a valuable lesson here on ink coverage and the difficulties in getting a smooth, solid color from a plate with a large surface. The blue plate came out more distressed than planned as a result, but it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing when blemishes help make the piece look handmade. Also discovered the hazards of putting too much ink on the ink plate when doing the backside black pass—the first few printed very heavy.

Plate 1/4 Complete –

Plate 2/4 Complete –

Plate 3/4 Complete –

Plate 4/4 Complete –

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