DESIGN: Angel – Ratio’s Chocolate Nest Eggs

It didn’t take long after watching the season 4 “Angel” episode entitled Smile Time before deciding that I needed to design something in homage to the brilliant demon puppets. If anyone of the gang seemed to get short shrift it was the giant purple creature named Ratio Hornblower. The fact he was also the one who perfected the Nest Egg system the others used to suck the life out of their children viewership was just icing on the cake.

The concept that I kept thinking about to bring it to life was for a cereal brand. With all the sugary breakfasts utilizing cartoony figures to sell, it seemed fitting. From there it was a matter of finding a fun, appropriate font and working the “nest eggs” into the idea.

Available for purchase at
Sell line: Put a smile on your child’s face with Ratio Hornblower’s deliciously new chocolate cereal.

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