DESIGN: Upper 90 magazine, Spring 2013 issue

Upper 90 magazine
Spring 2013 • Volume 2, Issue 1
Cover: Més Que – More than a pub
Also Inside:
BEST XI for men & women
Brendan Murphy – New FC Buffalo boss
High School Champs
Jozy Altidore – Education and evolution in the Netherlands

With its second issue, Upper 90 came out in Spring 2013 possessing editorial from writer Ruud Pompert on Buffalo’s very own soccer bar as well as the tale of American Jozy Altidore finding success in Europe. Alongside these tomes came updates on local teams—FC Buffalo, WNY Flash, and Rochester Lancers—and high school all-stars as picked by magazine staff.

For these stories came designs for an Upper 90 All-WNY Women’s and Men’s Teams, the 2013 Upper 90 Cup, and a vector illustration for the aforementions Altidore. Below are a few examples of spreads and you can view the entire issue for free at the magazine’s website,

Also, as a cost-saving measure for FC Buffalo, this issue was also used as the program book for the team’s 2013 season. This entailed giving it a new Blitzer’s themed cover as well as team roster and history spreads. The actual Upper 90 cover therefore became a part of the interior mix wherein the magazine continued as originally intended with the addition of a couple new stories.

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