DESIGN: Upper 90 magazine, Fall 2012 issue

Upper 90 magazine
Fall 2012 • Volume 1, Issue 1
Cover: The 2012 College Season Preview
Also Inside:
Kendell McFayden – What makes a pro?
Josh Faga – How to be a captain
Empire United – Birth of a super club

Upper 90 debuted in September 2012 with its Fall College Preview containing insight into the ensuing season for numerous WNY schools. The myriad teams about to face off had me thinking about the old FIFA games for Nintendo and resulted in the pixel-based graphics on the cover and elsewhere. I redrew the main colleges’ logos in the style using Adobe Illustrator and had fun creating a full videogame look for the section.

After that it was pretty much keeping aligned with the layout I designed at the start of this endeavor, branching out for the feature stories to add intrigue and contrast. Below are a few examples of spreads and you can view the entire issue for free at the magazine’s website,

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