DESIGN: Ghostbusters — There Is No Dana, Only Zuul

Branching out from television, I decided to jump into the world of pop culture films for my next t-shirt design. And there isn’t much more beloved than 1984’s Ghostbusters for which to work off.

Thinking about iconic quotes, the guttural line from Sigourney Weaver‘s Dana Barrett after being possessed, “There is no Dana, only Zuul” kept popping into my head. Focusing on her red, silky gown, I set out to go minimal by creating a clean silhouette to go against the text in a bold sans serif font. After playing with the colors, the final work became a two-tone piece with the gown merging into the top two lines for a bit of abstraction while the last two words stood out in black.

Available for purchase at
Sell line: We must prepare for the coming of Gozer.

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