DESIGN: Doctor Who – Prydon Academy

Coming up with an image to represent the fictional school both The Doctor and The Master attended on the Time Lord planet of Gallifrey needed it’s fair share of research. First I had to find out about Prydon Academy’s location, vocation, and history to go along with that of the planet and alien race itself.

There is the mythology of the hero Prydonius and his relationship with Time Lord co-founder Rassilon (who’s seal is depicted in this design); the school’s geographic proximity to The Doctor’s own House of Lungbarrow, it’s place high atop Mount Cadon, and the Cadonflood River flowing beneath; the fact Gallifrey’s sun burns golden red against it and at least two moons, one the copper-colored Pazithi Gallifreya; and lastly the Prydonian Chapter’s penchant for orange and scarlet ceremonial robes.

Put all this information together with a futuristic yet legible font and a very cursory attempt at learning circular Gallifreyan—appropriating its tiny circle vowel system as a design element for the text—and you’ve got my interpretation of Prydon Academy’s modern-day crest.

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Sell line: Enroll for an education fit to serve all your Time Lord needs.

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