DESIGN: FC Buffalo – Our City, Our Sport, Our Club

The email said, “My idea is pretty simple and I know you can make it kick butt.” So I had to take the job.

It was Nick Mendola and FC Buffalo looking to get a t-shirt made with the text, “Our City, Our Sport, Our Club”. The concept called for making the first ‘O’ a buffalo, the second a soccer ball, and the third FC Buffalo’s crest.

After playing with a few fonts, I decided I wanted the design to be compressed letters to offset the more wide icons juxtaposed with them. The crest and ball were easy to size and fit in place with a black outline to mimic the words attached at right, but the buffalo was proving difficult. I had done a vector buffalo a little while back in profile and had traced the Buffalo Sabres vintage logo at one time as well, yet neither worked. I thought maybe I could have one exiting the ‘O’ to keep the circles consistent, but it simply wasn’t clean.

After a little brainstorming the answer came in the form of the Buffalo Nickel. Containing the animal front and center, having a circular shape, and being a huge piece of the city’s history—we are the ‘Nickel City’ amongst other nicknames after all—it was the perfect solution. And with a couple hours of color and alignment changes, the final design was born.

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