PHOTOGRAPHY: The 2011 Lord Bedlington Cup – FC Buffalo/Bedlington Terriers FC

To commemorate Bob Rich’s generosity towards soccer at home and abroad, his Lord Bedlington Cup was formed. Pitting the FC Buffalo Blitzers against the UK’s own Bedlington Terriers FC, the international friendly became a means to promote the sport and the city of Buffalo in one fell swoop.

With a stunning turnout of 3,821 fans from both sides of the Atlantic, the first Lord Bedlington Cup was a resounding success. The least of which was the fact that the trophy will stay in America as Buffalo blitzed Bedlington by the score of 5-0 on scores by Reidy, Phillips, Cwiklinski, Baker, and Walter. Paul Brayson scored for the Terriers with 4 minutes to go off a free kick.

Here are some photos from the game (and yes, that is a giant Wolf Blitzer head hanging over The Situation Room in the stands):

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