DESIGN: Buffalo Spree magazine – July/August 2011 cover entry

Buffalo Spree magazine – July/August 2011
published by Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc.

Cover contest entry:
For the 2011 Buffalo Spree magazine, July/August Best of WNY issue, our company’s art department was put to the task to create a striking cover. With my entry, I wanted to make people stop and pick the magazine up from the newsstands to see what is going on. It’s very minimal—the concept of ‘Best of’ stripped down to its essence, an envelope containing the winner. It would have, at the very least, definitely stood out amongst the barrage of images on covers surrounding it.

Probably a bit too out of the box, subverting the whole concept of a magazine cover being full of color and imagery, I knew it would be a long-shot selection, but I couldn’t think of a more interesting, unique, and original idea. So, it lives on in conceptual form here.

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