DESIGN: The 2011 Decorator’s Show House Program

The 2011 Decorator’s Show House Program,
sponsored by Junior League of Buffalo and The Buffalo News
published by Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc.

Front Cover:
After receiving a photo of the Bayliss-Oshei Residence for the cover, I decided to add some texture to the background, utilizing the green and reds of the interior design, overlaying with the elegant font chosen by the Junior League. Our goal was to infuse bright, vibrant colors throughout the book, contrasting the plain, grayscale books of the past.

Inside Layout:
Building off of 2009’s design, added color and a more grid-like consistency to the Room pages, taking elements from those to create the supporting spreads of history, floor plans, etc. The idea was make the book easier to read and easier on the eyes with clean san serif fonts and a flourish of script over the Junior League’s logo’s door to designate each room.

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