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Having a seven degrees of Kevin Bacon moment connecting me to a design contest online for a new website called, I decided to throw my hat into the ring with an entry. By following the design brief copied below, I looked to create a brandable, unique star/heart hybrid as requested, incorporating the ‘MY’ from the name as its basis.

The design was unfortunately not picked amongst the 800+ entries, but I still believe it’s something worth keeping on file and adds a bit more professionalism to the goofy entries the company leaned towards. To want to build up and make the site worthy to stand next to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, I think a cleaner, contemporary look is necessary. But maybe they know something I don’t.

Design Brief:
We have no ties to our old logo. We liked it at the time, and still like it — but the logomark doesn’t work as a 16×16 icon, and that is the most important thing to
We are thinking of a star — but stars looks so generic; ours needs to be brandable to Unique. We are also open to a heart. But the star or heart needs to be brandable, original, and authentic to us. Another possibility, which we think is likely impossible — is the use of the word ‘my’ over/in a star or heart.
We like our old color scheme, but are open to a new color scheme. Notice that Facebook uses a dark blue, Twitter a light/playful blue… we plan to use a blue as well. Currently we are using hex value #0t06bb0 for Blue and we like this shade. Our secondary color we plan to be a yellow/gold or orange — likely for our star. Currently we are using hex value #e46713 which we’re not married to.
A star with a smiley face in it. This kind of smiley: =)
A smiley face might be too cheezy, so of course designs without smileys.
When we mention a heart, we like the heart that can be found on or [click ‘browse’ on left side, then you’ll get into the site]. But once again, we need a heart that is brandable to us, not generic.

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