DESIGN: The Western New York Performing Arts Guide 2010

The Western New York Performing Arts Guide 2010,
published by Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc.

Front Cover:
Using the abstract concept of a Buffalo waterfront representation (idea from Art Director Chastity Taber) and basing graphics from the vector artwork of Josh Flanigan, I minimalized the crucial buildings needed for the image to read Buffalo/WNY, and played with their transparency along with added layers of spotlights, all while utilizing bright, vibrant colors to catch the eye.

Inside Layout:
Building off of 2009’s design, I kept the three column format, reduced the size of the header bar for more room, and scrapped the third column photo restriction for a more fluid, floating image component to move freely along the grid system, allowing for larger visuals to juxtapose with the text. Descriptions are listed along with schedules for the 2010-2011 season.

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