ARTWORK: Buffalo, Consumerized – FC Buffalo

Continuing the Buffalo, Consumerized series, this entry is the first with a landscape orientation and also to include a logo that is actually in use. The previous four entries portrayed architectural institutions within the city (BECHS, Central Terminal, Richardson Towers, and North Park Theatre), this one expands upon the concept with the depiction of what hopes to be a static fixture in Buffalo’s sports world, FC Buffalo.

Due to the horizontal nature of a sport played on a field laterally, going landscape was a no-brainer, (especially since almost all my photos were shot that way). A few nice images were vertical—a couple headers with the ball in the sky—but this image spoke most to me about the game of soccer in general. Cropped to focus on the ball, feet, grappling for position, and overall physicality on display, it shows the heart and passion flowing through the veins of the professional athletes on the Blitzer team. The logo and stars are slightly lower than center, aligning with the white field line, creating a new horizon and more interesting segmentation of hemispheres.

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