BNFF10 REVIEW: Laundry Day [2010]

“I just don’t know how they got so orange”

It’s tough to create a film that’s only four and a half minutes long that can resonate the same way a feature can with all its character development and plot progression. One way around the time frame is to just make it a fun little bit to entertain for the short span it lasts on screen. Dominick Saraceno’s Laundry Day attempts to do just that in its simple orchestration.

Taking place at an empty Laundromat, a guy (Clint Byrne) and a girl (Jenessa Kornaker) arrive with their wash. He arrives first and begins to remove articles of clothing from his basket while she enters and makes a beeline for the spot on the table next to him. It is a bit odd that she’d do this, causing my brain to immediately figure out the final reveal of the film, but I went along for the ride as the two start their loads and sit down with the kind of room two strangers would leave between them. She seems content to read, but he attempts to engage her in conversation, obviously interested romantically.

Once the line is spoken—“How long is a wash cycle?”—we discover the joke. They lead each other into the bathroom area for a little tryst, inevitably winding up back with their laundry and ready to move the clothes to the dryer; the audience anticipating him to ask the obvious question once again. The joke is funny and the two actors are sweet in their performances, making the whole thing worthwhile. Despite my knowing the end before the short even had a chance to begin, I’d still say the filmmakers did an admirable job and achieved their goal. I could do without the hokey music, though—maybe a bit too on the nose.

Laundry Day 5/10 | ★ ★


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