REVIEW: Pixels [2010]

“It’s an 8-bit conversion”

There really isn’t much to say about Pixels, the under three minute short from director Patrick Jean at Paris-based One More Production. You will either appreciate the nostalgia of seeing a city convert to 8-bit pixels reminiscent of your old Ataris and NESs or not. I for one loved it. The animation is crisp and realistically adapted to the live-action backgrounds it enhances. With seamless morphing of objects like cars and buildings from video to colored squares, the visuals cannot be beat.

Make sure when watching to keep an eye out for old-school favorites such as the Space Invaders aliens, Donkey Kong, Tetris blocks, Pac-Man, and more. It’s an inventive premise that is expertly realized in a short period of time. Who needs extra-terrestrials coming for a visit or our own egos and technology taking over when the world of fun and games can spread like wildfire? And the truth is, the graphics are so simple and without the need of large processors or ample amounts of energy that, if those pixels wanted, they probably could seize control just as quickly as shown here.

Pixels 9/10 | ★ ★ ★ ½
Watch the video by clicking here.


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