Henry Rollins is Provoked

Tuesday night saw the return of Henry Rollins to Buffalo. I missed my opportunity to check out his ranting last year, but made sure to see the show this time around. As he said during the marathon 3 hours, (without even taking a drink of water), he is the enemy of Fox News’ conservatism. Sure there is a major liberal slant to his diatribe, and yes the audience claps and cheers at every stab towards Bush and the government, but he isn’t too bleeding heart that he doesn’t understand the system and both sides of the coin to keep it interesting for someone like me who doesn’t agree with much of what he says. Throughout the show he spoke about his hating CNN, his travels to Syria and the hassle Customs gave him upon return, his simultaneous admiration for Condi Rice and hatred that she fights for the wrong side, his opportunity to sing in his favorite band The Rutt’s final appearance, and his interview of Chris Walken for his IFC show. There was yelling, there were laughs, and there was even making fun of the audience when a cell phone began ringing. He says he isn’t provocative, that he is just provoked. After the show I can see his meaning. Rollins never tried to convert people to his way of thinking, but instead tell us that thinking is what he wants. No matter what side, to have an open mind and join discussion is what is necessary. The man is a brilliant entertainer and I’m positive he’ll be back, (one story was how the Town Ballroom’s owner has even driven out in the snow to Albany to pick him up when the airports were shut down). I highly recommend you going when he returns.

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