REVIEW: Trailer Park Boys: The Movie [2006]

“The Big Dirty”

The cult tv show from Canada has really surprised me with how fresh the comedy has stayed throughout its six year duration. When I first heard about the jump to the big screen, I wasn’t quite sure how to take it. Most half hour shows that get feature film updates really feel forced and dragged out like the writers took their next show idea and filled it up to last an hour and a half. With a show like “Trailer Park Boys” I sensed that something like this would happen, but thankfully I was wrong. Rather than expanding a short story thread, the creators actually seemed to have taken a full season arc and shortened it to make a movie. Trailer Park Boys: The Movie is then a tightened piece of work, with all the good parts kept at the expense of filler, to make it 100 minutes of pure insanity and hilarity.

A movie like this can only do justice if it keeps what works from the show. Our heroes, Julian and Ricky, need to go to jail at some point and come back to the trailer park right when the residents were getting used to the lack of trouble the two cause. Ricky then needs to win back his girlfriend Lucy, Julian needs to find a new masterminded crime to attempt, Jim Lahey has to find a reason to get the cops to arrest the misfits again, and Bubbles can enjoy some human friendship again, having only his cats to spend time with when the boys are gone. All the laughs and staples from the show are here to great effect. Now, while Showcase in Canada is a cable station with the swears and drinking allowed, it seems the filmmakers have decided to step it up even more for this movie. Lahey adds his favorite curse adjective to everything he says, (the least sense made the better), Ricky butchers the English language, Bubbles goes on his Tourettes rants, and with the addition of a strip club locale, nudity is very prevalent whereas non-existent in the show. The boys have pulled out all the stops for a crazy adventure of low-class criminals and the seedy activities they partake in for the love of friends and family.

It is great seeing John Paul Tremblay (Julian) and Robb Wells (Ricky) keeping their characters consistent with the show. The two have a great rapport and really shine as the brains and stupidity of the operation respectively. Their friend Bubbles is hilariously played as always by Mike Smith. His slow mannerisms and bottled up aggression always lead to laughs between his small vocal outbursts and his full on attack once his shack is destroyed. All the other regulars make appearances too, John Dunsworth the best of which plays his drunk park supervisor role to perfection. When he does a long take stare while downing an entire bottle of alcohol, I was dying of laughter just from the dedication to the scene. There has to be sacrifices of course for a jump like this, though, and that is at the expense of characters Cory and Trevor. This duo are great fun and foils to the boys in the show, but mostly wasted here in the film. Also, where was J-Roc? Youknowwattimsayin?! I really wish his role was bigger than the ten or so minutes he got.

Sure the film might not be as successful as the show, but it still delivers the big laughs and misplaced heartfelt moments as its originator. It was strange seeing the numerous inconsistencies to the show being that this is not a continuation after season 6, but an almost restart to gain a new fan base. I understand the reasoning here, but I feel that they could have kept it in context to the storyline with scenes of exposition from the show itself to help new viewers understand what was happening. Either way it was still enjoyable. Credit too to the Canadian support as always with cameos from Gord Downey and Alex Lifeson, along with the great soundtrack and hidden easter eggs. Between the numerous Hip songs, Our Lady Peace sampling (during J-Roc’s rap), Tea Party instrumentals, and Rush titles hidden at the theatre (game machine was 2112, and the movie names based off songs), I had fun noticing them all. So, whether you are a fan of the show or just want to experience the craziness for the first time, Trailer Park Boys: The Movie is well worth your time.

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie 7/10 | ★ ★ ★


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