REVIEW: Over Coffee [2010]

“Prove it. I need a dozen manila folders. Now! Go!” Borrowing from many office-based romantic comedies that came before it, Sean Meehan‘s short Over Coffee adds a bit of fun, quick paced action to the mix. Andrew (Erik Potempa) has been pining over Carla (Jocelyn DeBoer) for a while now, refusing to do more than […]

REVIEW: Nic & Jerry Get OFF [2012]

“Stop trying to make this, like, educational” Having run the gamut between big [Toronto International] and micro [Buffalo Niagara] film festivals as both a member of the press and public, I’ve begun to cultivate certain expectations from the events I attend. Possessing separate press screenings, VIP passes for all-access, an ability to catch true indie […]

BNFF10: The 4th Annual Buffalo Niagara Film Festival Recap

The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival closed out its fourth annual entry, ending a pretty great eight days of cinema. Attendance might have been stunted due to a plethora of activities in Buffalo, including a Salman Rushdie talk that prevented me from going to opening night and the brief return of Sabres hockey to the playoffs, […]

BNFF10 REVIEW: Stuck Like Chuck [2010]

“I guess I like threesomes” With the inundation of paint-by-number romantic comedies these days, sometimes checking out an ultra low-budget Indie can be a breath of fresh air—even if said movie knows it. Jerry Cavallaro’s Stuck Like Chuck is a tale of collegiate love and missed signals that can be related to by anyone who’s […]