REVIEW: Footprints [2011]

“The strangest things happen in Hollywood in the middle of the night” Shot on location in 2007—dated by the film billboards and posters littering the scenery—and screened at a couple film festivals in the years since, Steven Peros’ Footprints finally makes its way into select theatres. Known for writing the screenplay to Peter Bogdanovich’s The […]

REVIEW: Our Family Wedding [2010]

“You know you just said that out loud” And then the bottom drops out. All paint-by-number comedies of this ilk eventually hit the point where everything appears to be destroyed. Relationships are ended, love gone in a flash, and those who were thick-as-thieves are now unable to look at each other let alone speak. A […]

Picking Winners at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards

Some Oscar nomination thoughts, the morning after: William Altreuter: Best Picture: The Hurt Locker. James Cameron backlash, plus Hollywood self-seriousness = victory! Best Actor: Jeff Bridges. Everybody loved Clooney, but he’s in something good every year. Supporting Actor: Stanley Tucci. Just a hunch. Best Actress: Sandra Bullock. Did you realize she’s forty-five years old? Not exactly […]