REVIEW: My Week with Marilyn [2011]

“Let’s say I sleep in nothing but Yardley’s Lavender” After the all awards season hoopla, I guess I expected more from My Week with Marilyn. My favorite kind of bio pic—depicting a finite amount of time in a famous person’s life rather then the full duration—it’s interesting that I find it closest in alignment to […]

REVIEW: La Môme [La Vie en rose] [2007]

“How long does a frog live?” Why did the American producers decide to rename a foreign film with a foreign title? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose? I guess I understand the decision to use one of Edith Piaf’s more famous songs as the name of the film about her, but they could have […]

Top Ten Films of 2007: The Year of the Adaptation

It was a year of many genres. We had some musicals, a few dramas, comedies galore, a little sci-fi, and a couple bio-pics sprinkled in to satiate the kiddies and Oscar voters. If anything, I guess one trend seemed to rise above, that being the adaptation, whether from plays (Sweeney Todd), novels (Zodiac), or comics […]