TIFF12 REVIEW: The Impossible [2012]

“Maybe tomorrow” Making a film about a tragedy like the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami should never be taken lightly. With over 230,000 people dead in fourteen countries, the entire world was affected by this devastating event made worse due to its untimely December 26th date. An attempt to convey the emotions, pain, and hope hidden […]

Top 25 Films of 2007

(short and sweet and to the point; culled from watching 114 releases. constantly updated as i catch up to those i missed. click poster for review if applicable) #25: Away From Her directed by Sarah Polley. #24: Cassandra’s Dream directed by Woody Allen. #23: The Cake Eaters directed byMary Stuart Masterson #22: Grindhouse directed byQuentin […]

REVIEW: El Orfanato [The Orphanage] [2007]

“One, two, three, knock on the wall” There is something to the marketing of foreign films and the way Hollywood tries its hardest to fool the public into thinking it is an English language movie. By not allowing any characters to speak in the trailers, giving away their secret with subtitles, someone like me, knowing […]