The 85th Oscars recap through tweets …

@jaredmobarak • and the #Oscars begin … #Oscars13 @jaredmobarak • SUCCESS!! Tommy Lee Jones smiles! #Oscars13 @jaredmobarak • poor Don Cheadle #Oscars13 Welcome to the 85th annual Academy Awards from the newly renamed Dolby Theatre. Bankruptcy is a drag, ain’t it Kodak? Hopes were high after host Seth MacFarlane‘s surprisingly hilarious Ted made me wonder […]

REVIEW: Inocente [2012]

“Just because I’m homeless doesn’t mean I don’t have a life” To look at fifteen-year old Inocente is to see a colorful young girl with a permanent smile possessed by infinite possibilities ahead. Confident and carefree enough to paint her face each morning before school with curved flourishes descending past her cheeks and stickered jewels […]