BNFF11: The 5th Annual Buffalo Niagara Film Festival Recap

Another year—another Buffalo Niagara Film Festival complete. 2011 was definitely an evolution for Bill Cowell’s brainchild, bringing in the most filmmakers to promote their work I’ve seen, the inclusion of a new venue with Niagara Falls’ Rapids Theatre, and the first ever ‘Star’ on the BNFF Walk of Fame. The ten-day event smartly coincided with […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: Hope, Ghana [2011]

“I went to Africa because someone invited me” With everything going on in the world and the 2008 recession in full force, five Seattle-based travelers decided to journey to Ghana, Africa, raising funds to support two schools and build a borehole well in a village with desperate need for clean drinking water. Zheng Wang is […]