REVIEW: Mission: Impossible [1996]

“Hasta lasagna. Don’t get any on ya.” Despite completing its successful seven-season run in 1973, it would take another twenty-three years before Bruce Geller‘s original television series received its inevitable cinematic adaptation. For a former Emmy winner starring the likes of Peter Graves, Martin Landau, and Leonard Nimoy with an action thriller premise just past […]

REVIEW: Nathalie … [2003]

“I think you’d appeal to my husband” If you found out your spouse was cheating on you and realized how numb you were to the fact so that instead of being angry or vengeful you ask what it is the other lover does to make your husband/wife happy, how would you react when they reply […]

TIFF08 REVIEW: Vinyan [2008]

“His spirit becomes angry; his spirit becomes” Right from the opening credits, Vinyan leaves you uncomfortable and excited for more. When the titles are completed, the screen continues to show a close-up of bubbling/choppy water, the tint changing as time goes, a collection of what appears to be human hair floating by. The soundtrack swells […]