REVIEW: Briefcase [2012]

“I didn’t know what was inside” One could say reapers are the contract killers out to release us from this mortal coil when time expires. We don’t know when or where our end will be, but it’s always looming out of sight—behind us, around a corner, or perhaps innocuously hidden right before our eyes. The […]

REVIEW: Red Riding Hood [2011]

“All sorrows are less with bread” Why, in movies, does a thrown axe/sword/dagger/knife always land squarely in the back of one’s opponent as he’s about to maim? Can’t it comically thud to the ground, short the half revolution necessary to inflict injury, allowing the antagonist to look at the camera with a twinkle in his […]

REVIEW: Trick ‘r Treat [2008]

“Charlie Brown’s an a**hole” I’m not sure what it is about this year, but the Halloween season has made me treat horror films with a little more respect than usual. Or perhaps the fare I’ve seen has just been leaps and bounds better than the norm. The latest winner comes from Michael Dougherty, he of […]