REVIEW: Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore [2010]

“I’m 65% sure, I can go to 67% … Oh, look! A potato bug” Remember those days of spoof films like Scary Movie, Superhero Movie, Date Movie, and ‘Insert Generic Genre Title’ Movie? Oh, that’s right, we haven’t left that abysmal period of cinematic history behind quite yet. But instead of inundating Middle Schoolers with […]

REVIEW: Coyote Falls [2010]

“Beep, Beep!” The Looney Tunes are back in action—no pun intended Brendan Fraser—with a new series of short films to debut before theatrical children’s releases. It may be a ploy to put those zany characters back into the collective consciousness and expose the new generation in hopes a new television show will become feasible or […]