REVIEW: Fear and Desire [1953]

“Rafts always float” I love that legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick began his career with a dud so misguided he was rumored to have tried to destroy every print in existence. In his words it was a “bumbling amateur film exercise” and he’s not wrong. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering he was a […]

TIFF10 REVIEW: Film socialisme [Film Socialism] [2010]

“Meow” A film fan does not overlook the opportunity to see the newest from a legend like Jean-Luc Godard in a film festival atmosphere. When the venue is the Toronto International Film Festival and the movie, Film socialisme [Film Socialism], is the first screening held, you look beyond the fact it is in foreign languages […]

REVIEW: Die Mörder sind unter uns [The Murderers Are Among Us] [1946]

“We were comrades in the war” Die Mörder sind unter uns is quite the tale, moreso for when the film was made then the actual subject matter itself. Wolfgang Staudte crafted his story to be released in 1946, just a year after World War II had ended. The effects of war and especially the atrocities […]