DESIGN: A Bit of Fry and Laurie – Soupy Twist

Having just recently caught up with the British comedy sketch show “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, its end credits’ cocktail catchphrase was still very fresh in my mind. Always wearing tuxedos during their final piano serenade, I knew I needed to put in a bow tie in along […]

DESIGN: Rochester Broadway Theatre League 2011/2012 Season

2011/2012 Rochester Broadway Theatre League 2011/2012 Season, published by Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc. Each performance at the Auditorium Theatre, on behalf of RBTL, has imagery and production notes supplied from the traveling company. The new season programs are based from the previous year without any major design changes.

DESIGN: Twin Peaks – The Black Lodge

Titled “The Birds Sing a Pretty Song”, any fan of the show “Twin Peaks” should be intimately familiar with the Black Lodge. Looking to create an identity/logo that mimicked hotel/lodging locales, I took the obvious jagged striped pattern from the Man From Another Place’s room and attached it to one of the unique lamps bookending […]

DESIGN: Nickel City Chef Program 2012

2012 Nickel City Chef 2012, published by Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc. Front Cover: Starting with the tagline “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire” and the request for simple, clean imagery to represent it, I began to cull together stock photos of both fire and smoke. Having been supplied early with the four Nickel City Chef portraits […]

DESIGN: FC Buffalo – Our City, Our Sport, Our Club

The email said, “My idea is pretty simple and I know you can make it kick butt.” So I had to take the job. It was Nick Mendola and FC Buffalo looking to get a t-shirt made with the text, “Our City, Our Sport, Our Club”. The concept called for making the first ‘O’ a […]

DESIGN: Bank of Holland [spec]

Through Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc., I was tasked with designing a new corporate identity logo for the Bank of Holland in Holland, NY. Trying to get them away from the antiquated woodcut icon accompanying their all caps text, we hoped to modernize while still retaining a feel of Europe’s Holland. I was given a slew […]

DESIGN: 2011 In Music

2011 IN MUSIC: Two-disc mix of song favorites from 2011 for friends and family sent during the holidays. Edition of 50 Tracklisting: Disc 1 1. “Hanna’s Theme” — The Chemical Brothers 2:09 | from Hanna: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack; Back Lot 2. “Polish Girl” — Neon Indian 4:24 | from Era Extraña; Static Tongues/Mom + […]

DESIGN: Habibi Sheesha Lounge

A new hookah lounge has opened in Niagara Falls, NY called Habibi Sheesha Lounge. Serving over 70 different flavors of sheesha, the lounge also provides a menu with a variety of beverages—soda, smoothies, shakes, etc—and a mix of American and Middle Eastern snacks/desserts. Asked to create a logo, menu, and business card, the first step […]

DESIGN: Miles to Go Endurance

Ryan Knapp—one of the men behind Buffalo’s soccer club FC Buffalo—got a hold of me from Kansas City in search of a logo for his new endeavor Miles to Go Endurance Co. The final design is something I really think depicts the concept of endurance and the never-stop attitude so many athletes cultivate. I was […]

DESIGN: P2 Collaborative Conference Program 2011

2011 P2 Collaborative Conference Program 2011, published by Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc. Based off of the P2 Collaborative’s design branding and last year’s program, I designed their third annual conference book with minor tweaks, including schedules, speakers, maps, and other weekend activities. The big change this year was a new look cover with supplied image […]

DESIGN: Curtain Up! Program 2011

2011 Curtain Up! Program 2011, published by Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc. With a supplied cover that mimicked last year’s, I updated the layout of the book based on the motifs, color, and fonts displayed. Opening information on event is displayed in spreads while the participating theatre information is designed tighter at four to a page.

DESIGN: The Western New York Performing Arts Guide 2011

2011 The Western New York Performing Arts Guide 2011, published by Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc. Front Cover: Thinking back to the children’s puzzles where a cube would have four different heads, torsos, and legs that you could twist to mix and match, I decided to base this year’s cover design on the same concept. Making […]