DESIGN: 2013 In Music

2013 IN MUSIC: Two-disc mix of song favorites from 2013 for friends and family sent during the holidays. Edition of 50 Handprinted on a Kelsey Excelsior 5×8 Table Letterpress Tracklisting: Disc 1 1. “A Whistling Tune from a Lonely Man” • Clint Mansell • 00:40 • Stoker OST, Milan Records 2. “Young and Beautiful” • […]

DESIGN: Angel – Ratio’s Chocolate Nest Eggs

It didn’t take long after watching the season 4 “Angel” episode entitled Smile Time before deciding that I needed to design something in homage to the brilliant demon puppets. If anyone of the gang seemed to get short shrift it was the giant purple creature named Ratio Hornblower. The fact he was also the one […]

DESIGN: Upper 90 magazine, Spring 2013 issue

Upper 90 magazine Spring 2013 • Volume 2, Issue 1 Cover: Més Que – More than a pub Also Inside: BEST XI for men & women Brendan Murphy – New FC Buffalo boss High School Champs Jozy Altidore – Education and evolution in the Netherlands With its second issue, Upper 90 came out in Spring […]

DESIGN: 2012 In Music

2012 IN MUSIC: Two-disc mix of song favorites from 2012 for friends and family sent during the holidays. Edition of 40 Tracklisting: Disc 1 1. “Water Runs” — Reptar 5:14 | from Body Faucet; Vagrant Records 2. “Dougou Badia” — Amadou & Mariam (ft. Santigold) 3:53 | from Folila; Nonesuch Records 3. “Mind Your Manners” […]

DESIGN: City & Regional Magazine Association [spec]

An interesting design project came through the offices of Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc. this October. As a member of the City & Regional Magazine Association and Media Partners (CRMA), every graphic designer at Buffalo Spree was allowed to submit logo entries to be judged by the association in order for a winner to be selected […]

DESIGN: Upper 90 magazine, Fall 2012 issue

Upper 90 magazine Fall 2012 • Volume 1, Issue 1 Cover: The 2012 College Season Preview Also Inside: Kendell McFayden – What makes a pro? Josh Faga – How to be a captain Empire United – Birth of a super club Upper 90 debuted in September 2012 with its Fall College Preview containing insight into […]

DESIGN: TZ Granite

Through Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc., I was asked to design a new corporate identity logo for TZ Granite & Materials LLC in Orchard Park, NY as part of a new ad running in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of Buffalo Spree Home. Formerly known as Tiede-Zoeller, the company was looking to keep a similar, angular font […]

DESIGN: Ghostbusters — I Am Vinz

If I made a Ghostbusters shirt for The Gatekeeper, I couldn’t very well stop without doing another for The Keymaster. Unfortunately, when it comes to Rick Moranis‘ Louis Tully, there isn’t really a stand-out line besides his famous parroting of Egon’s, “Yes, have some”. However, to keep in tune with the previous design, I decided […]

DESIGN: Ghostbusters — There Is No Dana, Only Zuul

Branching out from television, I decided to jump into the world of pop culture films for my next t-shirt design. And there isn’t much more beloved than 1984’s Ghostbusters for which to work off. Thinking about iconic quotes, the guttural line from Sigourney Weaver‘s Dana Barrett after being possessed, “There is no Dana, only Zuul” […]

DESIGN: Upper 90 magazine

With the appeal of WNY’s professional soccer club FC Buffalo still rising—as well as the WNY Flash and a number of successful collegiate teams—it was only a matter of time before local entrepreneur and journalist Nick Mendola looked for a new outlet to increase exposure even more. Soccer has always been huge around the world […]

DESIGN: Doctor Who – Vote Saxon 2008

When thinking about a new “Doctor Who” themed shirt to design, the name Harold Saxon came to mind. The brilliant alter-ego of John Simm‘s contemporary incarnation of The Master, his run for Prime Minister was ripe for a campaign identity. Seeing the myriad posters and tees online using the rather drab black and white, text-based […]

DESIGN: Doctor Who – Prydon Academy

Coming up with an image to represent the fictional school both The Doctor and The Master attended on the Time Lord planet of Gallifrey needed it’s fair share of research. First I had to find out about Prydon Academy’s location, vocation, and history to go along with that of the planet and alien race itself. […]