DESIGN: Secrets of Allentown Program 2006

2006 Secrets of Allentown Program 2006, published by Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc. With a supplied cover, I designed the layout of the book based on the motifs, color, and fonts displayed on it. Write-ups and photos vary between full page and two page spreads depending on the property being shown.

DESIGN: Mazzara Insurance Agency

2005 Logo Design Job Mazzara Insurance Agency Playing with the initials of the agency, the idea was made to create an icon that could stand-in for the name. After going through a comprehensive evolution process, the final two designs were created. One took the form of a person—one of the many the agency would be […]

DESIGN: Basket Boutique of Buffalo

2005 Logo Design Job Basket Boutique of Buffalo I wanted to create a graphic that was both elegant and representative of the company. A one-woman shop, the business was to build baskets for events to be used as gifts and prizes. Using the capital ‘B’ of the font chosen, I broke apart pieces to create […]

DESIGN: La Dolce Vita

2004 Freelance Logo Job La Dolce Vita Caffe & Bistro: website Asked by the client to create an image for their bistro that included a patio chair and/or a cup of coffee, the design evolved to contain both, making the mug red to stand out and the business’s name a part of the graphic as […]

DESIGN: Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society [spec]

2004 College Re-Branding Project at SUNY Buffalo Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society: website With a current logo of the building’s facade, I chose to tap into using the Buffalo animal as a stand-in for the museum. Attempting to make the brand seem both educated and child-friendly, I went for a black and white contrast, […]

DESIGN: Dipson Theatres [spec]

2003 College Re-Branding Project at SUNY Buffalo Dipson Theatres: website After thinking long and hard to get to the essence of what the local theatre chain offered, I decided to go with a simple sans serif font and use its unique characteristic of employees wearing buttoned down shirts and ties. The dress code gives the […]