DESIGN: Pani K’s Pierogi

Pani K’s Pierogi is a homemade pierogi enterprise from Alexis Kothamasu. She’s spent five years perfecting her dough recipe and expanding her selections of unique fillings to include the likes of Indian Samosa and Pumpkin Pie. I was enlisted to create a logo/brand that could help her decision to move from hobby to business. Alexis […]

DESIGN: Leo Minor Industries

Leo Minor Industries is the brainchild of Charles Gattie. His first product is a modular display system for miniature figures. It’s a pretty cool plinth and base system wherein you can build pyramids of levels that become fully customizable depending on how creative your ambitions prove. The idea for the logo was simple: Charlie asked […]

DESIGN: Impossible Truth

Impossible Truth is a Buffalo, NY-based hip-hop duo consisting of Dan Martin and Mega. They’ve decided to get back in the studio and record a new album for Spring 2016 and came to me to design them a new logo to mark the occasion. It began with Dan asking for city skyline and some reference […]

DESIGN: Cultivate Cinema Circle

Born from a partnership with my Buffalo movie critic colleague Jordan M. Smith comes Cultivate Cinema Circle, a local screening series helping to “foster a healthy, fervent film culture in the Buffalo area.” After many discussions about the name and goals, I started to play with the word cultivate until the idea of harvesting radishes […]

DESIGN: xoxobflo

The purchase of my Kelsey letterpress meant an opportunity to create a new brand with which to differentiate my design work from the printing. I’ll admit intentionally starting to brainstorm names that could have a more palatable accessibility with the social media generation we find ourselves in. I tried abbreviations, acronyms, and “internet speak” alternatives […]

DESIGN: City & Regional Magazine Association [spec]

An interesting design project came through the offices of Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc. this October. As a member of the City & Regional Magazine Association and Media Partners (CRMA), every graphic designer at Buffalo Spree was allowed to submit logo entries to be judged by the association in order for a winner to be selected […]

DESIGN: TZ Granite

Through Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc., I was asked to design a new corporate identity logo for TZ Granite & Materials LLC in Orchard Park, NY as part of a new ad running in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of Buffalo Spree Home. Formerly known as Tiede-Zoeller, the company was looking to keep a similar, angular font […]

DESIGN: Upper 90 magazine

With the appeal of WNY’s professional soccer club FC Buffalo still rising—as well as the WNY Flash and a number of successful collegiate teams—it was only a matter of time before local entrepreneur and journalist Nick Mendola looked for a new outlet to increase exposure even more. Soccer has always been huge around the world […]

DESIGN: Bank of Holland [spec]

Through Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc., I was tasked with designing a new corporate identity logo for the Bank of Holland in Holland, NY. Trying to get them away from the antiquated woodcut icon accompanying their all caps text, we hoped to modernize while still retaining a feel of Europe’s Holland. I was given a slew […]

DESIGN: Habibi Sheesha Lounge

A new hookah lounge has opened in Niagara Falls, NY called Habibi Sheesha Lounge. Serving over 70 different flavors of sheesha, the lounge also provides a menu with a variety of beverages—soda, smoothies, shakes, etc—and a mix of American and Middle Eastern snacks/desserts. Asked to create a logo, menu, and business card, the first step […]

DESIGN: Miles to Go Endurance

Ryan Knapp—one of the men behind Buffalo’s soccer club FC Buffalo—got a hold of me from Kansas City in search of a logo for his new endeavor Miles to Go Endurance Co. The final design is something I really think depicts the concept of endurance and the never-stop attitude so many athletes cultivate. I was […]