ARTWORK: Buffalo, Consumerized – The 2011 Lord Bedlington Cup Triptych

Expanding upon my Buffalo, Consumerized series, I decided to commemorate the first Lord Bedlington Cup. But while looking for a shot that embodied the event, the idea to make the piece a triptych came up. By making a vertical piece, the top being the Bedlington Terriers FC, the bottom the FC Buffalo Blitzers, and the […]

ARTWORK: India, Consumerized [Taj Mahal]

After a vacation in India—and 1,100 photos—I decided to continue my Buffalo, Consumerized series with an off-shoot aptly named India, Consumerized. The following is a horizontal and vertical offering of the famous Taj Mahal in Agra. All aspects of the design motifs come from the architecture of the tomb and the surrounding structures. The logo […]

ARTWORK: Buffalo, Consumerized – FC Buffalo Part 2

Without any inclination to continue my Buffalo, Consumerized series, I found a photo from the FC Buffalo victory against FC Sonic that worked for me. I liked the diagonals contrasting against the previous entry’s horizontal lines, moving the logo and stars into the empty field at left, ready to be taken out by the soon […]

ARTWORK: Buffalo, Consumerized – FC Buffalo

Continuing the Buffalo, Consumerized series, this entry is the first with a landscape orientation and also to include a logo that is actually in use. The previous four entries portrayed architectural institutions within the city (BECHS, Central Terminal, Richardson Towers, and North Park Theatre), this one expands upon the concept with the depiction of what […]

ARTWORK: Buffalo, Consumerized

Recently asked to be a part of an alumni art show at my old high school Kenmore East, in conjunction with their 50th anniversary celebration this year, I was left without a clue as to what I should submit. Suggested to send over a design piece I had done, the prospect just didn’t appeal due […]