BNFF10 REVIEW: The Beneficiary [2008]

“Go to bed darling” You never know who is watching or recording your daily moves. Theodore Mali’s The Beneficiary, a short film screened at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, expresses this idea both in its storyline and visual flair. While we watch the characters move along through the days this movie spans, the screen regularly […]

BNFF10 REVIEW: Stuck Like Chuck [2010]

“I guess I like threesomes” With the inundation of paint-by-number romantic comedies these days, sometimes checking out an ultra low-budget Indie can be a breath of fresh air—even if said movie knows it. Jerry Cavallaro’s Stuck Like Chuck is a tale of collegiate love and missed signals that can be related to by anyone who’s […]

BNFF10 REVIEW: Contractor’s Routine [2010]

“Change is the currency of the universe” When planning out the films I was going to try and see at the 2010 Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, I noticed one on the first Saturday called Contractor’s Routine. The image on the poster was intriguing and its categorization as a psychological thriller put in firmly in my […]

BNFF10 REVIEW: The Teacher [2010]

“Maybe a scotch would be better” Conquering your fears—I think that is as good a description as any of what Lisa Ford, (and her son Zack Ford, who co-directed), was looking to express with in her short film The Teacher. Screening at the Buffalo Niagara Film festival, the piece is an interesting mix of reality […]

BNFF10 REVIEW: Bravo Sierra [2010]

“The Maple Leaf will prevail” Sometimes a film can be successful as nothing more than a good time; a point driven home by the local Buffalo production Bravo Sierra. It’s a satire of the war in Iraq that is so over-the-top you can’t help but become part of the joke. While the first few minutes […]

BNFF10 REVIEW: Badfish [2009]

“The Michael Jordan of competitive fish eating” Not to belittle the comparison of Badfish to the films of Christopher Guest that the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival’s program contains, but that is some lofty thinking. The movie being a faux documentary is an accurate similarity, yet what makes the works of Guest successful is that they […]

BNFF10 REVIEW: Cadillac [2009]

“All I can do is drive” The eight-minute short film Cadillac, by Nathan Lewinski, is a sentimental portrait of the memory of a man who has left this earth. Beginning without dialogue, an older gentlemen turning on his Caddy while still in the garage, I thought that maybe my cynical mind was playing tricks on […]

BNFF10 REVIEW: St. Gertrude [2009]

“A bitch named Leroy Brown” By far one of the highlights during my first day at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, Emily Johnson’s senior film project for the Savannah College of Art and Design, St. Gertrude, is a gorgeous little film. Right from the beginning, during a sequence that sees a family in mourning, as […]

BNFF10 REVIEW: Hens & Chicks [2010]

“Did you have pygmy zygotes?” I really didn’t know what to expect when Becky Lane’s short film Hens & Chicks began. It opens up to show young Hanna and Marco on their way home from school. You assume the two have whatever kind of crush one can at the age on each other, and see […]

BNFF10 REVIEW: Laundry Day [2010]

“I just don’t know how they got so orange” It’s tough to create a film that’s only four and a half minutes long that can resonate the same way a feature can with all its character development and plot progression. One way around the time frame is to just make it a fun little bit […]

BNFF10 PREVIEW: The 4th Annual Buffalo Niagara Film Festival

Year four is here for the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival taking place at both Dipson’s Market Arcade Centre downtown and the Riviera Theatre in North Tonawanda. I’ve attended the past two entries and have been impressed by the quality of films and improvements made. 2009 saw the world premiere of Steve Coogan and Hillary Duff’s […]