BNFF11 REVIEW: A Lonely Place for Dying [2012]

“Which do you fear more—to be exposed or to be killed?” It begins with a KGB turncoat radioing for assistance from his CIA handler, desperate to make his way to America so he can leave behind the Socialist nation now on his tail. Justin Eugene Evans’s A Lonely Place for Dying, hitting the Buffalo Niagara […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: More Than Me [2010]

“Screw you, why wasn’t my kid in the game?” When you hear about a documentary featuring Jim Breuer on his first stand-up tour in six years, you think pot jokes, Goat Boy, and plenty of laughs. The last thing you’d expect is a film that pushes the concert aspect to the background in lieu of […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: Webdultery [2011]

“I still love him … it’s just not the same anymore” Can having ‘fun’ with a stranger while in a tough marriage save your family from complete destruction? Charles Wahl’s film Webdultery explores the question from both the male and female perspective—two people who fell in love at 20 and now, with a young son, […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: The Beast Pageant [2010]

“Sometimes you gotta feed the serpent its own damn tail” The love child of David Lynch and Michel Gondry has been born in Rochester, NY and its name is The Beast Pageant. Screening at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, Albert Birney and Jon Moses’s film is obtuse, inventive, funny, and more than it appears on […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: La vérité du ciel [The Truth of the Sky] [2008]

“He didn’t say goodbye to his mother” Wanting to bring his film La vérité du ciel [The Truth of the Sky] to the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival was an action of catharsis for Jim McSherry. His documentary short was shot fifteen years after the plane crash that altered the lives of many—including him—it is centered […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: The Floating Shadow [2012]

“I’ll only bring you bad luck” Throw the preconceptions that China would be unwilling to fund a project with dark subject matter such as rape and murder in a contemporary, non-feudal way out the window. According to writer/director Jia Dong Shuo, as long as you have a unique idea to bring to artistic fruition, finances […]

BNFF11 PREVIEW: The 5th Annual Buffalo Niagara Film Festival

The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival (April 8-17) has hit year number five—not a small feat when you consider the amount of work that goes into pulling such an event off. I’ve attended the past three years and have to say that it’s gotten better each and every time. From the level of cinema, the recognition […]

BNFF10 REVIEW: Canine Instinct [2010]

“A dog is only as good as his stay” There is a reason I’ve never been a huge fan of documentaries. Besides feeling as though I’m in school being force-fed information I could really care less about, with stats and figures that bore me to sleep as they attempt to shock me with human travesty, […]

BNFF10 REVIEW: Copper Penny [2010]

“She’s the only woman I’ve ever been with” Some films not only necessitate a second viewing to wrap one’s head around the subtle intricacies, but also cause you to beg for the opportunity to watch again. Writer/director Jay Pulk’s short film Copper Penny is one of these. Screening at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, I […]

BNFF10 REVIEW: I’m Not Here (and she’s not there) [2010]

“I just stare at blank canvas and watch it speak to me” Branching out from rock band documentaries under the Heavyrock Films umbrella, director Greg Kaplan and company’s first feature length fiction endeavor is making the rounds on the festival circuit. I’m Not Here (and she’s not there) made its way to the Buffalo Niagara […]

BNFF10: The 4th Annual Buffalo Niagara Film Festival Recap

The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival closed out its fourth annual entry, ending a pretty great eight days of cinema. Attendance might have been stunted due to a plethora of activities in Buffalo, including a Salman Rushdie talk that prevented me from going to opening night and the brief return of Sabres hockey to the playoffs, […]