BNFF11 REVIEW: White Knuckles [2010]

“Why don’t you give me something to be joyful about?” Love can seem so easy from the outside. Two people: completely enamored with each other, their smiles easy, serene, and unmistakably genuine. You look at them and think 40-years of marriage would be pure bliss, a harmonious dance that could never last as long as […]

BNFF11: The 5th Annual Buffalo Niagara Film Festival Recap

Another year—another Buffalo Niagara Film Festival complete. 2011 was definitely an evolution for Bill Cowell’s brainchild, bringing in the most filmmakers to promote their work I’ve seen, the inclusion of a new venue with Niagara Falls’ Rapids Theatre, and the first ever ‘Star’ on the BNFF Walk of Fame. The ten-day event smartly coincided with […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: Der Sandmann [The Sandman] [2011]

“Ears need air at night” What would you do if you woke up one morning to find sand in your bed? You haven’t gone to the beach and you didn’t do anything at night besides dream a very realistic dream with sun and sights. Your boss at a local stamp collecting shop made mention of […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: Uncle Louie [2011]

“I crave something cold and chocolate” When you look at the poster for R. Allen Russell’s Uncle Louie, it’s hard not to imagine an overwrought drama featuring a Godfather-esque mob boss presiding over his subjects. The opening scene plays up the stereotype as Benny (Craig Ferriera) takes a stroll through the California streets of his […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: Hope, Ghana [2011]

“I went to Africa because someone invited me” With everything going on in the world and the 2008 recession in full force, five Seattle-based travelers decided to journey to Ghana, Africa, raising funds to support two schools and build a borehole well in a village with desperate need for clean drinking water. Zheng Wang is […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: The Frost [2009]

“What is your bloody wish!” I am not familiar with Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen or his play “Little Eyolf”, on which writer/director Ferran Audí based his film The Frost. Doing some quick research shows that he was a man who wrote about morality and questions of love and loss, so I can assume Audí instilled […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: Nickel City Smiler [2011]

“I am not a Hollywood actor” To a certain extent, I’ve always been of the mind that America needs to start worrying more about its own people before trying to save the world. Our God complex gets the better of us and we bring refugees over by offering empty promises of better lives and safety […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: Adventures of an Earthling [2010]

“E.T. came home … to Pine Bush. You can too!” It’s tough to make a documentary about alien encounters because the subject has been done so many times before. With that said, Bill Hussung somehow finds a way. Co-directing with his wife Mishara Canino-Hussung, Adventures of an Earthling, which screened at the Buffalo Niagara Film […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: Rideshare [2011]

“I gave up Jesus for Lent” After watching a screening of the new film Rideshare at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, I had two thoughts. One: the camera on my Blackberry is HORRIBLE in comparison to the amazing clarity of the iPhone HD 4’s this film was shot in its entirety on, even blown up […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: Heart of Now [2011]

“The bottom line—I don’t feel good about what happened” Very near the beginning of Heart of Now, a young girl, Monica (Mary Elise Hayden), makes the quasi-pithy, half-serious/half-joking statement that all women need a man who will give them ‘loads of intensity and massive support’. Couldn’t this observation expand further to blanket all of humanity, […]

BNFF11 REVIEW: Zombie Bankers [2011]

“Welcome to America, prick” And now comes the kind of review I hate to write. Being as independent oriented as the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival is, you will have to see some local productions if you plan on taking on a large portion of the schedule. What happens, though, is that oftentimes the amateur work […]