REVIEW: Deadpool 2 [2018]

“We can’t really live until we die a little” The biggest critical gripe coming out of the first Deadpool film was that its attempt to subvert the superhero genre was squandered by being a superhero film. What does that mean? It literally is a superhero film. The character is an X-Men alum who exists to […]

DESIGN: Earthbound – Unkikie Uukiuki Gum

I recently replayed the great Super Nintendo game Earthbound (also known as Mother 2 in Japan) and thought it a good topic for some t-shirt designs. My initial brainstorm for topics touched upon products in-game that could be interesting to create a “brand” around and the pack of gum you have to buy to cajole […]

DESIGN: Shenmue – Fruda Soda

It’s hard not to find yourself infatuated with Fruda Grape soda after watching the @RunButton gang play through the old Sega action/adventure Shenmue. They literally go to the vending machine to purchase one in-game two or three times a session. I wanted to give the crude design in the game a more contemporary update while […]