DESIGN: 2011 In Music

2011 IN MUSIC: Two-disc mix of song favorites from 2011 for friends and family sent during the holidays. Edition of 50 Tracklisting: Disc 1 1. “Hanna’s Theme” — The Chemical Brothers 2:09 | from Hanna: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack; Back Lot 2. “Polish Girl” — Neon Indian 4:24 | from Era Extraña; Static Tongues/Mom + […]

REVIEW: Life in a Day [2011]

“Because its a happy film. It has a happy ending” With its genesis coming from an idea to commemorate YouTube’s fifth anniversary, the enlistment of producer Ridley Scott and director Kevin Macdonald saw the concept expand into one of a feature film telling the world its own story of July 24, 2010. Culled from 4,500 […]

REVIEW: The Devil’s Double [2011]

“What happens if I say no?” An intriguing subject for sure, Lee Tamahori‘s new film takes us inside Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror like never before. Using the life story of Latif Yahia, The Devil’s Double shows the sort of hubris at the heart of this tyrant’s stranglehold over the Iraqi people. Constantly a threat […]

Posterized Propaganda January 2012: The Top 10 Movie Posters of 2011

“Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover” is a proverb whose simple existence proves the fact impressionable souls will do so without fail. This monthly column focuses on the film industry’s willingness to capitalize on this truth, releasing one-sheets to serve as not representations of what audiences are to expect, but as propaganda to fill […]

REVIEW: Red State [2011]

“Even the Nazis think this guy is nuckin’ futs” As if Kevin Smith wasn’t polarizing enough on his own, the venture making Cop Out for hire bought more ill-will and the risky endeavor of self-producing an original horror only allowed a new genre’s legion of fans to add to the backlash. It’s weird because I […]

REVIEW: We Need to Talk About Kevin [2011]

“He’s a funny little boy, isn’t he? But there’s nothing wrong with him.” Six words coming too late—We Need to Talk About Kevin. For mother Eva Khatchadourian (Tilda Swinton), the sociopathic tendencies of her boy were prevalent since conception. But to her husband Franklin (John C. Reilly) their son was a happy, polite kid living […]

REVIEW: Bellflower [2011]

“I’ll eat some bugs. What’s the big deal?” When one thinks post-apocalyptic, images of desert wastelands, Wild West lawlessness, and a penchant for violence ring loud. We anticipate the end of the world leaving us in a void without order and the survivors having the ability to do whatever is necessary to survive. But what […]

REVIEW: Santa Claus [1985]

“If you give bigger kisses you get better hugs” Nostalgia is a funny thing. Films you remember watching so often in your youth begin to possess a certain aura of quality they can never come close to achieving otherwise. It happens most with holiday movies—Christmas especially. Memories of sitting around the television on Christmas Eve […]

REVIEW: جدایی نادر از سیمین [A Separation] [2011]

“I’m the judge and I’m saying your issue is small” If there has been one film from 2011 that appears to have found universal appeal throughout the world, its name would be جدایی نادر از سیمین [A Separation]. Found high on many critic’s top ten lists, my anticipation to finally experience its mysteries built up […]

REVIEW: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol [2011]

“And I’ll catch you” I remember so much talk about whether or not Tom Cruise was being forced out of the Mission: Impossible series and how Jeremy Renner was cast to either replace him or be ushered in as the new team leader in subsequent films. Well, after watching Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and […]

REVIEW: Winnie the Pooh [2011]

“I’m a bear with very little brain and long words bother me” Written in the 1920s by A.A. Milne and illustrated by E.H. Shepard, Winnie the Pooh has been a children’s favorite for almost a century now. First adapted to film by Disney in the 60s and last seen in 2005’s Pooh’s Heffalump Movie, it […]