FILM MARATHON: Julia Roberts #2 – Sleeping with the Enemy [1991]

“The broken lights in the darkness would show the way” Oh, the power of the moustache. That patch of hair can make even the most affable man appear the villain, but when you cue the horror music and light his face so it’s in chiaroscuro, the effect is amplified exponentially. No matter how idyllic director […]

FILM MARATHON: Julia Roberts #1 – Pretty Woman [1990]

“Well color me happy, there’s a sofa in here for two” And just like that, 1990s America fell in love with a hooker. A hooker named Julia Roberts. She had already arrived to many film-viewing women with a oft-mentioned scene in Steel Magnolias, but it was Pretty Woman that officially vaulted her to A-list status […]

FILM MARATHON #1: Julia Roberts – The Mouthful of Teeth Marathon

In order to add some new content to the site, as well as give me an excuse to watch films I’ve missed thus far in life, the marathon series has begun. What is the first subject to be delved into you ask? Yes, that’s right, Julia Roberts. Admittedly, I’ve never been a huge fan of […]

REVIEW: Harry Brown [2009]

“You should of called an ambulance for the girl” When you have nothing to lose, how far are you willing to go for a vengeance ignored by the police? Harry Brown delves into this vigilantism, depicting a pensioner in England and his inability to hide in the shadows mourning anymore. After having his wife, daughter, […]

REVIEW: Nathalie … [2003]

“I think you’d appeal to my husband” If you found out your spouse was cheating on you and realized how numb you were to the fact so that instead of being angry or vengeful you ask what it is the other lover does to make your husband/wife happy, how would you react when they reply […]

REVIEW: Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage [2010]

“Props to the nose” I don’t have any idea what made me buy Rush’s two-disc greatest hits Chronicles many years ago, but it definitely changed my outlook on music. Popping it in my CD player, the sound flooded over me, playing songs that either I had heard and never aligned with the band or just […]

REVIEW: Please Give [2010]

“You gonna go see the leaves?” I’ve never seen a film by writer/director Nicole Holofcener, although each has struck my fancy to keep on the shortlist at the back of my mind for future reference. So, when the opportunity came about to view her newest work, Please Give, I knew I had to take it. […]

REVIEW: Get Him to the Greek [2010]

“Please press seven for fellatio” The glory that is Russell Brand’s character Aldous Snow in Forgetting Sarah Marshall stems from two words: supporting role. On paper, expanding the obnoxious and vain sexual deviant’s background part to head up his own vehicle seems like a slamdunk—and it is to some respect. Although it underperformed at the […]

ARTWORK: Buffalo, Consumerized – FC Buffalo

Continuing the Buffalo, Consumerized series, this entry is the first with a landscape orientation and also to include a logo that is actually in use. The previous four entries portrayed architectural institutions within the city (BECHS, Central Terminal, Richardson Towers, and North Park Theatre), this one expands upon the concept with the depiction of what […]

PHOTOGRAPHY: FC Buffalo’s First Franchise Victory

June 6, 2010 is the day that the FC Buffalo Blitzers soccer team broke free, scored their first goal, added a second, and put up a clean sheet for the first ever victory in franchise history over NJ Blaze. The match was lopsided in Buffalo’s favor right from the get-go, out-shooting and out-playing their opponents. […]

DESIGN: Dave & Adam’s Card World [spec]

Looking to get away from their hard to decipher at small sizes Earth wrapped in ribbon logo, a friend at Dave & Adam’s Card World asked me to try and come up with a modern alternative to show his bosses. Trying to simplify the icon into a representation of the ownership by reducing it to […]