REVIEW: Raising Victor Vargas [2002]

“I guess you wouldn’t know how it feels to get nervous around certain people” I really enjoyed Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, but seeing it at the Toronto Film Festival with director Peter Sollett in attendance only made me want to see his debut, the acclaimed Raising Victor Vargas, more. This fact slipped my mind […]

REVIEW: Teeth [2007]

“Now show me yours” What’s the best way to get out from underneath your famous father’s shadow? How about write and direct a film about a teenager afflicted with vagina dentata? Yeah, that should do the trick. Mitchell Lichtenstein, son of famed Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, deciding to delve into feature film with the horror/comedy […]

REVIEW: Last Minutes with ODEN [2009]

“Love’s ultimate meaning” There isn’t really much to say about Eliot Rausch’s depiction of Jason Wood’s final moments with his cancer-stricken dog ODEN. Spanning a short six minutes, the tale shares an emotional voiceover about the owner’s eventual acceptance to end his friend and companion’s suffering. Limping on only three legs, but still as loyal […]

REVIEW: Art & Copy [2009]

“Advertising should be like poison gas” George Lois is my new hero. The guy has confidence and pride to spare, exuding a self-image of Hercules, able to sell anything with a couple hours and a decent budget. While he may rub you the wrong way—full of himself to the point you may rather punch him […]

REVIEW: Brødre [Brothers] [2004]

“He had a little boy” I really don’t mind Hollywood remaking films, honestly. If a filmmaker really enjoyed something made overseas, I can’t blame him for wanting to expose America to what resonated so well personally to him. However, shouldn’t he then go the route of Tarantino or Scorsese and bring the actual movie over, […]

REVIEW: Let It Ride [1989]

“This is just taking advantage of an extraordinary business opportunity” I sometimes forget how blatant music was used in films of the 1980s. Let It Ride may have been made in 1989, but it did not leave that trend behind quite yet. Not only do the cheesy rock ballads come through at the start, the […]

REVIEW: Something’s Gotta Give [2003]

“Sorry, you’re granddad will be okay” Being given Something’s Gotta Give because of what my friend said were major similarities to Nancy Meyers’s latest film It’s Complicated, I wasn’t prepared for Crazy Town’s ‘Butterfly’ to be blaring amongst a collage of beautiful women using their wiles to gain access to nightclubs and turn heads on […]

REVIEW: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief [2010]

“It’s like High School, but without the Musical” Who else could have the catchy pop beats to lull a trio of mythologically inclined heroes into a trance, keeping them from their task at hand, than Lady Gaga? Director Chris Columbus made the right call on that one as he takes the plunge into yet another […]

REVIEW: Shutter Island [2010]

“Retreat isn’t something you consider an option” Very rarely does a film meet, let alone exceed, the expectations of the piece of literature it is based upon. With a director like Martin Scorsese, however, you do hold out hope that it will at least come close. But with postponements from the Oscar wheelhouse of a […]

REVIEW: Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty [2009]

“With the help of God” Ever wonder what might happen to your beloved childhood bedtime stories if they were told to you by your bitter, disgruntled grandmother? Wonder no more because director Nicky Phelan has brought the world the experience with her animated version of writer Kathleen O’Rourke’s character in Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty. There […]

REVIEW: Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death [2009]

“Curse that prevailing southwesterly” Even though it debuted on British television in 2008, Nick Park’s newest installment in the (mis)adventures of his claymation pals Wallace and Gromit finally hit the States last year, just in time to be nominated for an Animated Short Oscar. I never had any interest in checking the work out, no […]