REVIEW: Humpday [2009]

“We’ve removed the goalie” I’m not really sure what to think of Lynn Shelton’s indie flick Humpday. I understand that the impetus of the whole endeavor is to show how someone’s own individuality cannot be buried deep down forever. When we decide to settle down and start a family—getting married, buying a house, having a […]

REVIEW: The Damned United [2009]

“Better go make meself known” More biography than sports drama, Tom Hooper’s The Damned United becomes so much more than just a chronicle of English soccer in the 1970s. Peter Morgan has made a pretty good career of late by screenwriting true stories to be handled with effectiveness onscreen. This story is no different, even […]

REVIEW: 35 Rhums [35 Shots of Rum] [2009]

“We revolt simply because we can no longer breathe” There are no clean breaks. Life is messy and wonderful all at once as we grow older each day, striving for that little bit of excitement and longing to continue on. We all have dreams and aspirations, but oftentimes they fall into the background as life […]

REVIEW: Franklyn [2009]

“Without faith, it’s difficult to be controlled” Blind faith in God can lead to two outcomes; it’s either a way to accept an event and seek the good that can come from tragedy or a springboard to absolute atheism once you realize an event like that which has transpired can’t occur in a world where […]

REVIEW: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs [2009]

“A film by a lot of people” I knew right after the above review title quote flashed across the screen that Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was going to be a fun time. Sony Pictures Animation did not let me down, keeping me enthralled and smiling for the entire duration. Based on a children’s […]

REVIEW: Samson & Delilah [2009]

“Your eyes are making me laugh” I’d say that the tagline of ‘True Love’ is a tad misleading. Granted, the young romance at hand is what got me invested in the tale, but the absolute squalor in which they live—not to mention the toxic fume huffing, tragedy upon tragedy, and vagrant lifestyle—is quite the rough […]

REVIEW: Two Lovers [2009]

“You deserve to be loved” Leave it to Joaquin Phoenix to quit the business after giving his finest performance to date. The role of Leonard Kraditor in James Gray’s Two Lovers is an amazing turn from someone that has been usually relegated to the cool, confident leading man. Yes, I know, his portrayal of Johnny […]

REVIEW: Pandorum [2009]

“Where are the stars?” I’ve got to give it to director Christian Alvart and writer Travis Milloy for delivering the goods with their horror/thriller Pandorum. Admittedly, I’d go see anything with Ben Foster in the cast, but there was also something in the trailer that piqued my interest despite the very easy chance of the […]

REVIEW: The Princess and the Frog [2009]

“Freedom takes green” Two-dimensional animation is back in the Mouse House, but for how long? The Princess and the Frog is the first hand drawn feature length to be released theatrically since a string of failures at the hands of Disney studios, before they bought Pixar and began distributing Studio Ghibli work. I have no […]

REVIEW: Nine [2009]

“Imagination is God’s garden” Being the film version of a Broadway musical based on the Fellini film 8 1/2, it interested me to find out what the title meant. The Italian director’s odd half integer was in regards to the fact that he made a few short films, so the work was its number in […]

REVIEW: Anvil! The Story of Anvil [2009]

“The music lasts forever, and maybe the debt does too” Initially told that Anvil! The Story of Anvil was like a true life This is Spinal Tap!, it didn’t take long to discover the comparison misleading. Anvil is not a bunch of hacks that no one likes; they aren’t a joke of the metal industry. […]