REVIEW: Wendy and Lucy [2008]

“Your son is a real hero” The critic’s darling Wendy and Lucy has a powerful performance at its center courtesy of Michelle Williams, however, to me, it doesn’t have very much else going for it. I guess this is just one way to tell myself that I am a film fan and not a critic […]

REVIEW: Il y a longtemps que je t’aime [I’ve Loved You So Long] [2008]

“There’s no excuse for death” It’s always a pleasure reading Golden Globe nominations and discovering films that you never heard of. Il y a longtemps que je t’aime [I’ve Loved You So Long] was this year’s entry into that category for me. With a best foreign language and best actress nod I couldn’t resist checking […]

REVIEW: Boy A [2008]

“Evil comes of age” Time to catch up on the indie releases that I missed in 2008, those films that decided to bypass Buffalo on their limited theatrical runs. Boy A has been on that list for a while now, ever since I saw the trailer, one that captivated me completely. That short advertisement didn’t […]